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Groundnut Oil + Ghee Sprays Combo

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Vaalga Groundnut Cooking Oil Spray

With a wide variety of cooking oils on the market, it may be difficult to determine which ones are the healthiest for you to consume. Groundnut oil is a popular cooking oil that is used often, particularly for the purpose of stir-frying meals.

Buy Vaagla VAALGA Groundnut Cooking Oil Spray—a revolutionary addition to your kitchen shelf. The Groundnut cooking oil spray will transform every dish into a masterpiece. How, you ask? To begin with, it has a unique atomizer-based dispensing mechanism that ensures that you can use exactly the amount of oil you need for your dish.

Reducing Oil Intake Is Easy-Peasy Now!

Plus, such a mechanism has been found to reduce your regular oil intake by 10 times and fat consumption by 80%. You no longer have to worry about trying to find that seemingly impossible balance between taste and health.

Is Vaalga Groundnut COOKING Oil Spray Good For Daily Cooking?

Our Vaalga Groundnut Cooking Oil Spray works well for stir-frying, baking, and dressing salads. In addition to being well-suited for Asian cuisine, it is often used for the purpose of enhancing the flavour of satay meals. It lends a robust peanut flavour and scent to any dish you’re preparing and may be used in any kind of cuisine.

Advanced Packaging That Is Immune to Clogs and Leaks

This Vaalga Groundnut Cooking Oil Spray comes in a Compact Anti-Skid Design packaging bottle. This Oil Bottle is immune to Clogs And Leaks. Besides this, because Of The Spray Design, It Produces A Super-Fine Mist, More Uniform In Spraying It, Which Make Your Food Taste More Delicious And Healthier.

4 Amazing Variants of Vaalga Cooking Oil Spray

What’s more, Vaalga cooking oil spray comes in 4 wonderful variants – Sesame, Coconut, Ghee and Groundnut. This implies that you can use it to prepare virtually everything from salads and barbecues from the continents to Indian curries, vegetables. So, what are you waiting, buy Vaalga GroundNut COOKING SPRAY right now!

Vaalga Ghee Spray

Vaalga Ghee Cooking Oil Spray offers a convenient way to use Ghee/Clarified Butter in a unique chemical-free hygienic and handy spray bottle. Ghee has been a part of Indian cuisine since time immemorial, and we already know how Indian culture and Ayurveda revere it.

So, Buy Vaalga Ghee Cooking Oil and adopt this modern way of taking Ghee to nourish your body with the antioxidants, vitamins, and other nutrients that ghee is blessed with.

Zero Wastage with Spray Based Ghee Oil Dispersion Technique

Whenever you choose to buy Vaalga Ghee Cooking Oil Spray, you make a smart choice that saves a good amount of rupees for you. Let us explain why we are saying so. If we look out for the reasons behind why people don’t consume Ghee and prefer refined vegetable oil or Olive oil instead of in their cooking, then we might come across two groups of people.

One would be a group that doesn’t use Ghee as cooking oil since they can’t afford to use it as cooking oil, and the other would be a group that is a bit health conscious and that is why they prefer Olive oil, or other vegetable oil over Ghee since the branding of vegetable oil shows ghee as harmful to health if used in daily cooking.

Vaalga Ghee Cooking Oil: Everyone can Afford Ghee Now!

Vaalga Ghee Cooking Oil Spray is an affordable avatar of the regular ghee we use. Our Vaalga Ghee Cooking Oil will pamper those, who can’t afford Ghee as cooking oil today in such a way that they will start having second thoughts about the daily consumption of Ghee.

Why are we saying so? Our Ghee Cooking Oil spray can, which costs just ₹349 for 200ml, lasts as long as 3 liters of regular ghee. How? Let’s see in the next section.

Same Ghee But Fewer Calories

In today’s world, everybody is counting calories to keep themselves in good shape, and it’s not the diet that makes today’s people “calorie counters” but the fear of the sedentary lifestyle they lead. People don’t give preference to Ghee over refined vegetable oils because of the high-calorie content of Ghee. Our Ghee Cooking Oil takes care of this “calorie fear” in a very subtle way.

We use cooking oil to prevent food from sticking to the pan or pot. Now, in a conventional way of cooking, we put oil in our cuisine using a tablespoon. Let’s say you took one tablespoon of ghee and astutely spread it all over the cooking surface of your cooking pan.

Now, at this point, our Ghee Cooking Oil Spray wins the match against the conventional method of using ghee with a tablespoon by a very big margin. As per the nutrition information provided by the USDA for one tablespoon (15g) of ghee, one tablespoon of ghee contains around 130 calories. But, our every Ghee cooking oil spray can is tested to dispense only 4 calories in a spray. One to two of these sprays would be more than enough to protect your food from sticking to the pan since the atomization technique of the spray will spray the oil evenly onto the cooking surface.

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